Friday, July 3, 2009

Here I Am

in one piece. This last week while uneventful on most counts seemed to be a whirlwind.

I was stuck in traffic not once but twice due to shut down highways, I had my first ear infection as an adult, I have been melting outside, for the first time in 5 weeks Garrett did a bit of swimming without Ms. Amy holding him, we have begun our search for a new faith home, we got G's room finished from the great move 3 weeks ago, the Weebles have made a come back in our home, I have fished out superheros from the toliet, we finally joined Costco, I have dug through the dirty clothes to prove to G that the shorts he wants to wear are in fact dirty and I learned that my dogs don't go crazy when my cleaning lady and her son arrive at my home even if I'm in the shower. I was also very excited to see my first how to article published at So much fun!

I was just so proud of G at swim this week; the last 5 weeks are really paying off. Here he is yesterday.

In the midst of all of the beautiful chaos of ordinary life I actually crafted! Warning my 13 year old self appears in the below; please be kind.

My latest project has been one I couldn't share until I actually gifted it! My parents had left our Disney pictures at the house so Garrett could look at them. As a much belated Mothers & Fathers Day gift I scrapped some of the pictures in an 8x8 mini album. I gave it to my Mom last night and she loved it.

You'll notice its really simple with two elements repeated throughout to tie it together; background of white cardstock and a hand drawn border on each page. Since there was so much going on in the pictures I really wanted to keep the focus there. My only other two supplies were a set of Disney rubons from Creative Imaginations & a Disney mini kit from EK Success.

I really loved how this came together.

We have a very relaxed, easy going 4th of July in our future. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend!



Katie Scott said...

AMAZING! header photo! I have to try that!

Anonymous said...

Love how you just slip in the article.......congrats!!
I also Love the headband in those Disney pics, you should try that look again!!