Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Back

The Cape was wonderful! A diverse group of women with just enough in common to be laughing the whole weekend.

I came back home very at peace with my life. I'm not sure if it was the slow pace of the Cape, the life experiences that I was immersed in or seeing myself through the collective eye of the group but I certainly came home grounded and content with the world that surrounds me.

Since I've been home I've spent all of my time soaking up my little family. I have not stepped into the ScrapCave and have not spent much time online. I feel very snail like this week and that is probably why I'm loving this picture that I practically laid in the wet sand to take.

Before I left I had fallen into a bit of a funk that was spanning all aspects of my life. After the long weekend I have a renewed sense of purpose, appreciation and joy regarding my life.

I found in my reflection a renewed committment to putting my family first. This is something I feel I have a good handle on regarding my day job but haven't quite found the balance with my creative pursuits.

So, I'll be taking time for more reflection. Giving myself permission to breathe, to sit still and discover my primary objectives creatively so that I can ensure I'm spending my valuable time on the most important aspects.

I'm thinking about bringing more structure to the blog with regularly scheduled posts & features but first I need to understand what keeps you coming to visit me in blogland. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a note at withoutfilters at gmail dot com sharing your thoughts.



Noreen Smith said...

Hey Mon! Glad you had a good time. Since "meeting" you last year in Have More Fun I have enjoyed your writing and your scrapbook layouts. Plus, since Garett and my son Grayson are the same age I always enjoy seeing what you guys are up to! I am changing up my blog as well - it just must be time for a change for us all!
Take care,

shirley said...

I like seeing your pictures and layouts! So glad you had a good time at the Cape - sometimes you need time away to get new perspective on things.

Jayne said...

{{hug}} Just because I was honored to meet you Monica - I SO enjoyed our time together!

As far as the blog - I really enjoy what you do now - of course I like to see crafty goodness but I also love photography and your insights too :)

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I too enjoy your crafts and your insights. I hope things are going well with you!