Monday, April 6, 2009


I spent time with one of my favorite people.

She is the original crafty lady.
She is strong in spirit.
She has an infectious smile.
She is sassy.
She is independent.
She adores my son.

I love how she loves me.

Garrett & I went to visit my Grandmother today to add some sunshine into her life and as usual she added sunshine to mine. In only the way a Grandmother can she poured over my recent layouts and praised me like no other.

After she finished marveling at seeing Garrett in a magazine she turned to me and said "Why am I not in the magazine?" Yes mam; I will definitely work on that.



Kyla said...

I'm sure she'll be seeing herself in a magazine very soon! ;)

saner4 said...

How sweet I'm happy you enjoyed a lovely day with your grandmother. I lost my gram in 2007. Miss her dearly. I look forward to seeing a LO of your grandma.

elk said...

oh the special moments shared ...well done! saw on SS

Sharon said...

Beautiful capture!

Oh I miss the wonderful ooh's and aah's only a grandmother can give.

Brooke said...

That is a beautiful b&w!