Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stopping In

to say Howdy.....

After a 70 hour week I'm still standing; it's been a long time since I've worked these kind of hours. The good news is that my team hit our big deadline. The bad news is that we had a delay on some information so we are not completely done. This will now carry through next week but I'm keeping my fingers crossed the pace will slow a bit.

I'm chomping at the bits to get my creative juices flowing again. However, since I've been away from home so much what free time I have is spent with my boys & tending to my LOM coaching duties. Did you see that cute badge that Kayce made for much fun :)

On Wednesday night I walked in about 11PM and Mitch told me that Garrett was crying for me at bedtime. My heart just sank. Following his advice I armed myself with loads of work for after Garrett went to bed and left the client at 5PM to spend some quality time with my little guy. After a quick stop at Target I was armed with new coloring, sidewalk chalk, a game and a puzzle for us to bond over. His face lit up when he realized I was home to hang out with him; no multitasking chores, no work.

When my Director called to check in on the team's day, Garrett requested to speak with her. She was such a great sport talking with him about all the things that Mommy brought him that day. I'm so lucky that she is a Mom that works outside the home. This is a tough road and it makes all the difference when you have support from not only your team but also your boss.

But nothing is possible without the support of family. My inlaws spent the week helping us and I am oh so grateful. But what pulled me through the week was my husband; sending IMs throughout the day to check in on me & make sure I was doing OK. His support means the world to me. I owe him a big Thank You.

Amazing how sometimes, unfortunately, those closest to us feel the burden of our stress the most.

It's too terribly easy to get caught up in the stress & drama of a tight deadline. Not to mention my own tendancies of being a work-a-holic. The only thing that saves me is the love I have for my family. I've been tested this last week as to where my priorities lie and I'm pleased that even though I was faced with a big deadline the next day I made time for my son. Don't get me wrong; I still got my work done but after I put him first. This smile let's me know I made the right choice.

I hope to be back soon with some crafting goodness but I did bring more work home with me today so no promises just yet.


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Lee said...

So glad to see you posting :) It's always a great feeling that you know your priorities and honour them!

I'll start G-talking you at work when things slow down again :)