Friday, February 6, 2009

LOAD 2/6

The layout looks a bit crooked but its not in real life; strange.

I've been home today with Garrett & his buddy Jensen since their school is closed for parent teacher conferences today. Mitch should be done at the school by now. This meant that I actually got to get my layout done before the sun set today!

I shot of video of the scrap room for you guys today. So, why no video? Because I can't get the computer to see my camcorder. UGH I swear I've done this before. Mitch has promised to come to my rescue tonight. I'm going to shoot some pictures though because I know that not everyone is going to want to listen to me ramble for 20 minutes. Perhaps I should edit bits out......

Stacy announced the LOM2009 coaches today; thanks to everyone for your congrats. Its a little strange seeing my picture over there. Registration has officially closed and class starts February 12th. So excited for class to start!

I swear my post about my digital organization is in draft, it even has screen shots, and is on my list to post today. Thanks for your patience on that one.

I'm having tons of fun participating in LOAD and it is seriously helping me find my groove but some nights its all the time I have to devote to my craftiness so the blog may be a bit neglected this month. I'll try to catch up on the weekends!

I'm currently enjoying such beautiful weather that I've got the windows open and am listening to chimes and wind in the leaves. Have a great Friday!



Lee said...

Windows open? Ahh. Wind chimes? Ohh.

I am so envious. It's -4C here today but according to the forecast we're going above freezing tomorrow - with rain. I don't know which is worse!

Loving your LOAD layouts :)

purpledaisy said...

so cool to see your pic on STACY J's blog...congrats! i'm so looking forward to this class...even purchased my very own laptop so i wouldn't have to use luis'. hehe! love the excuse! :)
my scrapbook shortcuts book came in excited...ive been reading it and will be using it tonite!! list of ?'s ready to go.

quick question...where did you get your tabs for the category drawers? did you make them? the ones i've seen at the office supply stores has either #s or letters on them... :/ lemme know. thx.

Ingunn said...

Congratulations! I just signed up as an alumnus - I'm really looking forward to taking the class again, my scrapbooking needs some new oomph :o)

StudioB said...

I'm off to do my LOAD right now, instead of at 10pm. Congrats again on becoming a coach.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Congrats on being a coach! That's really exciting!

HappyGirl said...

love the structure of this layout. very nice. what a fun day!

have to admit, i'm a bit jealous of the weather too. my kids went sledding today, but had to come in when they got too cold!