Monday, January 19, 2009

Remember Those Extra Hours?

Well, I still don't have them but I would like to share one of my little secrets.

I've explained that up until a year ago I wasn't having fun anymore with scrapbooking. I was focused on getting caught up with my pictures, an absolute impossible task, and as a result saw this as a chore. That all changed when took the class Library of Memories at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Stacy Julian.

She guided us through her system, which you can read more about in Photo Freedom, that created a paradigm shift in my life. For those contemplating the class versus the book I vote for both if you can afford it and if you must pick one go for the class. In the class you will get all the information in the book and then some. The direction from Stacy is invaluable and she herself is just contagious. Not only that but your classmates are going through the same process with you and the community that builds is just wonderful. This reaches farther than how you organize your pictures; it changes the way you see and appreciate your life.

Here is the best practical upside to embracing a Library of Memories. You actually have a shot at creating meaningful layouts and projects that celebrate the uniqueness of your life. You are no longer concerned with whether or not you are caught up. You are always caught up when you are scrapping your most important memories.

Enough talk. Here is an example in action.

Here are my storage albums. This is where I put my pictures after I've printed them. There is an entire process related to that and can merit post of its own later. Because I am printing my pictures I am able to go through my storage binders frequently and work with what inspires me.

This weekend, I was inspired by Garrett's baby pictures of him trying his first foods. His faces are a hoot . Sadly he was more explorative then than now. While I loved all these pictures it is unrealistic to think I can make a page individually for rice cereal, bananas, sweet potato, avocados, & mashed bananas when I have already filled 20 storage binders with only some of my pictures from the last 5 years. In total I had 32 pictures of Garrett trying food. Think an entire roll of film.

Because these were the pre-digital days I had three shots that were blurry. So, 3 made it to the trash bin.

I went through the stack and picked my favorites. 16 pictures made it to the layout. Each food was represented. I didn't worry about labeling the foods or dating his age which varied because the story I saw was that he was in discovery mode not that he was trying xyz food.

So, what do I do with the pictures I didn't scrap? Well, I picked five pictures to age in my category drawers, a component of the Library of Memories.

Here is the drawer that is aging pictures of my little family.

Garrett has his own section

Behind that subsections.

And the remaining eight? Well, I put them in cold storage. Pictures I do not plan on scrapping. I know *gasp*. What will I do with them? Some may go into my square punch drawers, a component of the Library of Memories or I may pass them out to Grandparents and such or they will just sit there waiting for some random school project that Garrett may have down the road.

Because I'm a freak; I do have these loosely labeled. You know, just in case..

So, I only scrapped half of the pictures but I don't think that detracts from the story I told of his discovery. Do you? If you are at all intrigued; even the slightest bit. Please, please sign up for class. Registration closes February 5th or when the class reaches it limit.

Why I am pushing this? I believe in it; plain & simple.



Melanie said...


I signed up in December but I was kinda wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew. Now that I read your post, I am feeling much better about taking the class. I am looking forward to it.

StudioB said...

Here, here...wonderful post. Definately take the class if that is all you can afford. Dig in the couch cushions for spare change, walk with your head down and pick up spare change. TAKE THE CLASS - IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
I too took it last year, so I haven't even been living with the system for one full year yet and it is already so amazing.
TracyBzz from BPS classes

stacyj said...

Hey Monica -- I guess I should slip you a twenty. What a wonderful post about LOM. You have NO idea what it means for me to read about someone else nurturing these processes that have meant so much to me!

and ... what a cute page!!

Lee said...

Brilliant! I took the course last year, read the book a couple of times and currently have a mish-mash of old filing and new filing. Looking forward to the alumni class to catch up on the parts I missed!

I appreciate - yet another - kick in the pants. You do it so well :)