Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing with Pictures

Today I'm frantically uploading to Walgreens to take advantage of 10cent prints on orders of 50 or more 4x6 prints that ends today. (Code is JAN50)

I'm hoping to maybe get some pictures & a video of my craft room to share with you guys. I really like my new setup. Then hoping to actually use the craft room and get my Things We Do layout done to share.

Posts coming soon regarding LOM are going to look at the photo organization software I use and talking about some questions I think may be out there. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. Friendly reminder registration closes February 5th. I am very excited that I have wrangled both my mother & best friend to sign up. I'm still working on one of my very good scrapping friends, you know who you are! I am so excited to see everyone in class in a few weeks.

Another thing that has me excited is that LOAD, the LayOut A Day Challenge, with Lain Ehman starts tomorrow. You can get all the details over at ScrapHappy but basically I am going to attempt creating a layout a day in February. Bless my dear husband; the look on his face when I told him was priceless but he is absolutely supportive. To aid success I'm going to pull pictures today for each day and hope one of my sets inspires me. If not, I'll be going to my storage binders instead.

(picture taken by Garrett this week)

OK lots to do today so I'm signing off but hope to be back tomorrow or maybe even tonight!



Melanie said...


Just a quick question about LOM. I haven't done the pre-class homework. Will that hurt me when the class starts? I just learned how to scan old pictures to the computer. (I know, I am behind on the whole technology thing) I have kinda gotten sidetracked with that. I just don't want to be overwhelmed when the class starts. Thanks.

briscrapper said...

Hi Mon, this will be my first time as an LOM Alumni & so I am so looking forward to it. Congrats on becoming a Coach, by the way. Look forward to your always practical suggestions.
On the topic of Photo Organisation Software - I wanna know it all. Start at the beginning & assume we know nothing! I used to use PSE but it became too slow when my catalogue grew too large. Now I use the one that came with my computer (Picture Manager) but as far as I'm aware, I can't tag photos; so it's difficult to find a photo of someone in particular in a hurry. I love PSE for editing software. Don't know whether I can justify buying ACDSee just for organising.
Anyway, look forward to whatever info. you have the time to share with us.
Marina, Australia

StudioB said...

I'm taking Lain's LOAD challenge. I didn't do it last year, but I guess 28 sounds better than 31?!
You're a LOM coach? Wow congrats! I love that you are posting so much great info on LOM, I am soooo happy to have taken it last year.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know who I am and I am registered. BTW, so is another friend I talked to this morning. two others are considering. You should be on cloud 9 - you should be in sales.