Thursday, January 1, 2009


Life Without Filters 365

There has been alot of buzz about the 365 project and it sounds very cool but a little daunting to take on as a scrapbooking project considering other projects I have committed to in 2009.

The middle ground I've come up with can be found at Life Without Filters 365. It's still the concept but it fits me better. It's still me blogging but with less words and a picture everyday. What made this appealing to me is that at the end of the year I can go over to Blurb and make a book of my year in pictures.

I've added a link under Crafty Goodness that will get you to this extension of me long after this post rolls off the first page. If you are also playing this 365 game I would love to know so I can share a little link love.



NJStampinMom / "Lynn" said...

ooooh how interesting! I think this may be something I will start doing... sure would be more likely to get done than the whole scrapbook that I HOPE to do :) Thanks for sharing the idea - I will folllow along for sure.

joyfulmomofmany said...

Nice! This is something I would love to do! I love including photos in my blog and am looking forward to taking lots more photos this year anyway. Thanks for the idea~!

Kim said...

I did this in 2007. I took photos every day and posted one to my blog, along with some explanation. At the end, I had a book made with all 365 photos (but no text). I love it!

Check out my Daily Pic category if you're interested.

This project was challenging but also very rewarding. Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration....

HappyGirl said...

very cool -- what a great idea! :)