Monday, December 15, 2008

A Week of Birthday

We started with Garrett's Celebration of Life at the school. We've been doing this since his second birthday and it still gets me when I see him walk around the circle. In the middle of the kids they put a mat that has the months all around.

Walking once around the circle represents a year of life. The teacher reads things about Garrett in that year of life that I've written while he shows his classmates a picture of him from that year. I tear up as I become overwhelmed by my baby growing.

At the end, he blows out the flashlight which is supposed to be a candle and then pizza for all.

The school has a policy that if you attend and your child is upset when you leave you will need to take them home with you. What child is NOT going to be upset by their parent leaving? So, I always take the afternoon off to spend with my birthday boy.

This year when I got to the school they told me they had to wake up Garrett to come get me from the front office because he had fallen asleep. My famous last words? "I hope he's not sick."

We left school and headed over to Party City to get party favors for Saturday. We had just had a potty break when my poor baby got sick all over himself in the back of the store. A kind lady went to tell store personnel that clean up was needed while I took him to the bathroom.

Instead of fun afternoon of party shopping and dinner at Chuck E Cheese Garrett spent his birthday getting over a stomach bug. Our good neighbors came by to see what we were doing home in the middle of the day & cheered him up with a Megazord for his birthday.

He finally felt good enough at night to open a few birthday presents. Thanks Aunt Pam for the larger than life Batman! Look at the surprise on his face. I missed the shot when he opened the box and put his arms up in a cheer.

Since there is a 24hour vomit free rule at the school we spent the next day home together and Garrett LOVED both shopping for and putting together the goody bags.

Finally on Thursday we made it to our much anticipated birthday dinner. Daddy won us lots of tickets.

Garrett & Jensen have a thing about silly pictures right now. Must be the age. I do have to watch what Garrett's fingers are doing!

For the party on Saturday Garrett wore not one but two capes. Of course there was a superhero shirt and a special birthday boy button.

He was so excited for his guests to arrive. I just absolutely adore this shot. Such anticipation.

Garrett ate only the icing off the cake along with the rest of friends!

We had him wait until all his friends left to open presents because I just think its too hard for the kids and creates more mass chaos. As his lovely little girlfriend was walking out the door, Garrett kept saying "NOW can I open presents?" Gotta love the honesty.

Here's the thing, I outsourced pretty much everything this year for the party. The cleaning ladies came on Thursday, Tom Thumb made the cake, Pizza Guy delivered and JumpBunch entertained.

I let go of the delusion that it all had to be done perfectly by me. Last year I nearly killed myself to throw Garrett the perfect party. I stayed up so late the night before on the cake that I felt sick during his party. And while I have an impression that it went well, I really don't have any memories. So, this year I decided that Garrett would remember a relaxed Mommy more than the perfect cake or party favors. (I had seriously considered making each kid a cape)

Bottom line, I had a blast & more importantly so did he.


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Kyla said...

What a super cool week (other than that little stomache bug)! Looks like your little guy had a blast and you had the opportunity to get some fabulous pictures.