Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Days to Christmas Quilting Adventure

After Garrett's Birthday Party on Saturday I started to cut.

I am glad to report that the yards of fabric needed were correct. So, you can trust the measurements & calculations on the previous post.

Here are the supplies I like to use when cutting.

Olfa Cutting Mat 35''x70''
Olfa Rotary Cutter 60mm
Omnigrid Quilters Ruler 6''x24''
Omnigrid Quilters Square 6''x6''

When you get your fabric home, it should be folded in half longways because that is how it is on the bolt. Do not open it up all the way; keep it folded. This will make your cutting much easier.

First step is to get the folded edge on a straight line. Then you will trim off the edge on the right to square your fabric. Here is where you use the 35''x70'' mat, 6''x24'' ruler and 60mm Rotary Cutter. Don't worry about the top it will get trimmed off later.

Second step is to go down the length of your fabric measuring 6'' strips. My ruler is older and only 5'' in width so I have to scootch over an extra inch.

Repeat the above steps with all fabric both front and back until you have everything cut into 6'' strips.

Third step is to get your 6'' strips into 6''x6'' squares. You will still be using your mat & cutter but this time work with the 6''x6'' quilter's square. In order to get the most out of your fabric you will want to start on the folded edge. Be sure to only measure 3'' to make your cut. You will then open up that square to finish with a 6''x6''.

After the first cut, then just use your square template to go down your strip and cut squares. At the end of the strip you will finish off that uneven edge by default.

When you make the cut above you actually get two squares. Don't bother taking them apart. I end up grouping them together in 10's and then stacking in 100s. I finished with 306 6''x6'' squares for the front & 306 6''x6'' squares for the back. So, each stack below has about 200 squares.

The process for cutting your batting is the same except for the following:
  • You will need to cut it in half lengthwise or you won't be able to manage it all on your table and won't be able to cut through.
  • After you've cut lengthwise there should be another fold. Go ahead and fold on that crease. You've essentially got it in fourths now.
  • If there is a fold on the edge of your strip be sure to go in only 2.5'' for the first cut.
  • Don't forget your batting is only 5''x5'' so be mindful of the cut.

I cut just a little bit Saturday night, maybe an hour and then maybe on & off half a day on Sunday at most. So tops it took me 4-5 hours to cut all the materials.

Next step is making the fabric sandwiches.


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