Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Garrett!


4Years Old


Here is a little secret; I get more excited about your birthday than my own.

I am still in awe of the fact that we have you, this little person, running around yet I cannot remember being without you. You are truly the light of our lives. Every year we marvel at the stages we pass through with you and think "Oh yes, this is our favorite!" But then the next one comes along and quickly becomes our new favorite.

With that said, I really do think this last year you blew me away.

Your musical talent exploded with the addition of your big guitar to the household. You have become quite the artist & chef following in your parents footsteps. You incorporate your love of rainbow colors in both ventures with the help of sprinkles in the kitchen. In both arenas you always want to know what is the Garrett part when assisting us. You have not one but two cameras and are developing into a talented photographer.

You are beginning to branch out with your food set. The addition of Spiderman Mac N Cheese was huge.

In addition to loving the animals at the zoo you are intrigued with squirrels, birds and bugs. You LOVE your Patton & Jonesy and take every opportunity to throw yourself on them for a big hug. You are able to carry Gandolf around the house much to his chagrin.

Speaking of friendship you've found a best buddy which you equate to brothers. I know that you & Jensen are bonded because you guys were so desperate to be together that you guys coordinated on the playground that that day you were going to go home together and proceeded to melt down when Mommy's didn't follow through.

You've become SuperBoy who uses his powers to protect people and do really cool tricks. But when Grandpa is around you prefer to be a pirate. You've discovered that your Granny is a toy and your favorite game with Grandma is playing raining socks. You are both a master wrestler and snuggler. You announced to us this year that Daddy is for playing and Mommy is for loving. I totally won on that one.

Your imagination is amazing and your story telling skills rock. There is a whole world going on for you and I love to hear your version. I was shocked the first time I heard you role play with superheros and hear me in your little voice.

You are capable of going potty like a big boy, brushing your hair & brushing your teeth all by yourself. You can open the mailbox & close it on your tippy toes. You can navigate Playhouse Disney & Noggin. You can cut, trace & draw. You can read the Bob books. You can sound out many words. You can write your name and count to 20. You can work the TIVO.

Your Daddy is over the moon that you've developed an interest in golf and you've done very well when you've gone out to the range with him.

You've attended 3 movies this last year and one was just the boys. You don't let me forget that Mommy didn't see Bolt, it was only Garrett & Daddy.

You get excited about doing chores and we've actually had real meltdowns because Mommy made the bed without you. You also like to do dishes & hang up clothes. You finally discovered that your little vacuum doesn't work and you were very disappointed.

You are a silly, happy boy and when you are feeling very shy you become extremely silly. I'm learning this is your defense mechanism. You get startled & start to cry when Mommy has an outburst towards you. It doesn't matter if I'm laughing at something funny you said or trying to warn you of danger.

You love to laugh and it fills the room.

You have an opinion. I'm still learning how to navigate through this one.

You've discovered the magic of two Hoppy's and there is no going back. You are truly aware of the holidays this year and that is so exciting.

You are capturing the hearts of those around you because you are simply amazing. I never knew I could love one little person so much and I thank God everyday that he blessed me with your presence.

That little one, is why I get more excited about your birthday than mine. I get to celebrate the greatest gift ever given.




Anonymous said...

shedding a tear...this is the sweetest letter! you rock mom!

Lee said...

What a fabulous letter. You do rock, mom :) Happy birthday big guy!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

Monica, that was beautiful! Thnx for sharing it with all of your readers and Garrett sounds like a truly special little boy! ~april

Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

HappyGirl said...

sweet. i hope it is a very good day. :) you're such a cool mom!

Anonymous said...

Garrett is a very lucky boy to have you as a mom. He will cherish these words forever!

Karolyn Havenerr