Monday, December 8, 2008

Well Hello Monday

It was one of those days.....

While getting dressed for work this morning I realized I forgot to take my clothes to the dry cleaners when I saw only two pairs of pants in my closet. The first option really wasn't an option since the seam in the back of the bum had come undone. The second option was one of those kinda nice travel pants that doesn't wrinkle. There was a small problem; they were a bit tight. So, it was search for a top that covered me or go naked. Trust me I didn't pick naked.

Wait, it gets better.

As I was crossing a major intersection downtown from the garage to the building I lost my footing and went down. Luckily I wasn't jaywalking so the cars were stopped while I sat there stunned. This nice man helped me up and carried my bag to the sidewalk. He said he didn't want the light to turn and the cars not see me. Thank you kind stranger.

Once I got over the morning I had quite a good laugh at myself. Here's to a smoother week.



Lee said...

Always good to get the crummy stuff overwith early in the week. Well done :)

Missy said...

Sorry you had a rough start. The sun will come out tomorrow!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Hope your week gets better!

Anonymous said...

been there..done that. and still doing it...clumsy me. : )