Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Day Before Christmas Quilting Adventure (Part One)

Today will be the last installment of the quilting adventure. It just has to be since tomorrow is Christmas Day and I will be handing this over as a gift.

Since I'm working with a pattern I've numbered my rows and pulled my squares in order.

I started with the first two in the stack and put them together with the backs touching. This way, your fronts are facing the outside.

You will sew a straight line along the edge. You should have about a half inch seam. Instead of lining the edges I actually feel the square batting inside and line that up. Although you are looking for about a half inch seam you are really sewing along the line of batting.

Same as all the other pairs I sew these one after another.

Since I have rows of 17 I added my odd man to the end of the last pair. This helps you see that again you are putting the backs together.

Here is the above shot laid out. This is your front and the pieces sticking out will be what you cut & fray.

Here is my little stack which I then use to make new pairs same as above.

I've got four out of eighteen rows done. I like to lay them out to make sure my pattern is coming together. This also gets you ready for the next step where the rows start getting paired and put together.


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