Monday, November 17, 2008

On a Roll

with Design Your Life Week 3.

I'm feeling more like myself these days and I actually woke up early and snuck in this layout. This is my Real World Color assignment Grey, Red & Green. I have to say I love that I'm pulling pictures out of my storage albums to use on these layouts. I am hoping to finish up the other two assignments tonight so I can only be half way behind in class. Soon I'll have to start packing for the retreat on Friday and all crafting will be shut down until then. But then, oh a glorious weekend of scrapping.

Edited: Laughing at myself because I just saw a typo and will have to fix that before I create any new layouts.



Just a simple gal said...

congrats on getting caught up! I'm loving this class - and i often leave my typos - i think it makes things a little more 'real.'

Anonymous said...

Cute layout. I know you can't leave the typo - and that is OK. Can't wait to see you Friday.