Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was that Mom

in the grocery with a crying child.

Yes, that was me today.

Garrett & I have had a rough day today. He decided this morning that he was going to test his boundaries and I've stood my ground. We worked it out by the time he went to school. Unfortunately we picked it up when I got him up from school & announced we were heading to the grocery before going home.

I tried the good choice/reward, bad choice/punishment conversation but he picked bad choice and only heard reward.

When it hit him that he would not be getting a reward he lost it. All I could do was stand my ground and absorb the looks.

Garrett: You are not my friend.
Me: My job is to be your Mommy.
Garrett: You are not my friend.
Me: That's OK.

I'm sure someone out there thought I was evil. But as much as I want to be his best friend that is not the job the Lord gave me. I am his Mommy and sometimes that means being completely, utterly humiliated because my son is not getting his way.

By the time we got home he had calmed down and so far so good. Crossing my fingers for a smoother evening!

In case you are wondering, this is the second time we've played out this scenario in the grocery the last two years. Lucky me ......



Shelly Burns said...

Oh, how bad for you, to have to go through that! I do feel for you, but I'm so glad you stood your ground. Have you read, The Day Leo Said I Hate You!? I have a review here. I think it is fitting after the day you've had.

Anonymous said...

anyone who has never been there may have never told their child NO. At some point even the best behaved children have to put you to the test.

Yesterday while I was leaving BSF, I saw 2 different children flop down completely flat on their face and test their moms. Feel better now???? Ha Ha He He

Sara said...

Personally, I find the tantrum/crying easier to take if I know it's because of my son's choice. I like that little bit of peace that comes in knowing that he knew the choices I offered and still chose the "worse" one. But yes, it's embarrassing and yes, it's worth it to not give in. I hope you had a better evening and have a better today!

Donna said...

Most Moms share your pain at some point or other. When one of my sons was 2 we were in our corner store when he shook up a bottle of soda and it exploded all over the store and everyone in it. I was so embarrassed and then an elderly lady ( who I might add was dripping with soda) said to me that things like this will make me a better person...more patient, understanding and empathetic. That has become my mantra over the years...and I can be heard to mumble it from time to time when my child has just knocked over the magazine rack at the grocery store :0)

The Bethancourts said...

Hey Mon! If I overheard your convo with your little one I would have thought "good for her for standing her ground and bless her heart, it must be tough". I have a feeling my time is near since John loves to say no and then scream at the top of his lungs when he is denied.