Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Mail

Late afternoon, early evening yesterday our door bell rang and when we opened it we saw this. Poor Mitch looked bewildered when I squealed at this well traveled package.

I explained to him that it was my prize package for being picked as Stacy Julian's Summer Color Scheme Challenge Winner.

I must admit I ooed and awwed at this package. I've never gotten surprise goodies in the mail and the excitement sent me over to moon. The product is from Little Yellow Bicycle(Frightful) which is a new to me line that I love.

So, are you imagining me creating something last night with this fun stuff? Well, there was creating but not by me. Garrett got ahold of the stamps and made me some art.

When he got finished he asked if we could hang it on my wall. Of course I said of course. So, I've taken down my layout and put up his art.

Thank You Simple Scrapbooks for your generosity!



Lee said...

How fun! You're so good hanging up Garrett's "art". :)

Kyla said...

What a treat! Looks like a box full of fun to me . . . and possibly to Garrett, too! ;) Love his artwork. Maybe you'll get to add in some of your own soon, too.

*p.s. You've got an award over at my blog, if you'd like to pick it up! ;)