Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Adventure

The park opened at 10AM and at 9:15 we were still lounging. Pair this realization with my obsession on fixing Garrett's camera and I was easily a mad woman. We were out the door by 10AM to fix Garrett's camera.

I bought him a bigger boy camera for this vacation in hopes of getting his perspective and he's been snapping pictures since we left Dallas. But, none were saved because despite the fact that I hold a Masters degree I did not buy the correct SD card.

So many adorable viewpoints lost. I was determined to correct my blunder before the "main point" of the vacation. So after a stop to Home Depot & Target we finally made it to Sea World at 11AM. Despite our rocky start we had a fantastic four hours.

Yes, four hours. Thank goodness we were using our season pass from last year. We opted to not bring the stroller because Garrett is done with riding in it and I think it just wore him out. Not to mention we did alot of playing this year instead of show watching. Four hours and one show was all he had in him. But he had a blast and seriously that is what should matter.

Garrett passed out on the walk to the car and took a solid 2 1/2 hour nap; it was absolutely time for us to go! Like magic, I was able to relax. I think the stress of the Sea World experience was past me and I became normal. Of course I would get the hang of vacationing as soon as its about to be done.

We just hung out in the room the rest of the day and saw an outdoor movie on the property at night. Garrett thought it was so cool and wanted to watch another movie after Ice Age finished. There was a popcorn machine and he kept going back for more I think because of the novelty.

We are getting ready to head back this morning and Garrett keeps saying "I don't want to go home. It's not fun at my house." I guess he's had a good time.

Here are Garrett's Pictures......

Here are my pictures..... (sorry so many - really for the grandparents)


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