Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Arrives

Garrett & I were home today and even though I had plans to scrap the day away all I did was nest. I was inspired by a Design Your Life classmates blog to get out the fall decorations.

I started with a few pieces and every year I add a little bit more. I wish I could deck out the house but this is the real world and we have budgetary constraints. So, I took some pointers from Trish, added only $56 of stuff from Hobby Lobby's 50% off Fall sale. In order to not go over budget I followed Dave Ramsey's advice & took cash. Here is what I ended with.

I just love seeing Garrett's Halloween pictures age every year. Today I made this little decoration to give the collection some direction.

We also had our yearly costume shoot. This year no tears - yippeee.
As I was taking the pictures of my home I was full of gratitude. I am truly blessed to have the means to be able to decorate for the holidays. However, I think that if I had not taken the time to document this simple, yearly happening I wouldn't have seen it. This is the importance of celebrating our everyday life, to appreciate what we have instead of thinking of what we don't.



Kelli said...

Love the fall decorating!

Missy said...

Very cute stuff! I love the pumpkin with the lights...

Michele said...

He is adorable. Maddie is Super girl this year. Can you imagine our kids fighting crime ;)