Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Crafting Goodness

The best intentions .......

I had hoped to be a crafting queen this weekend but it just didn't happen. Saturday was a day where nothing went according to plan. Including the unexpected throbbing headache that never went away which meant a very early bedtime and having to cancel plans which I just hate to do. I suppose I'm practicing my flexibility.

Sunday was a good day. We had started to swap computers last weekend as an answer to logistical problems as a result from my move into the craft room. Mitch wasn't enjoying the sunroom as a home for his desktop and my laptop was not really handling all the memory needs of PSE6 well. So, the answer was to swap technology. This of course led to my favorite pastime of swapping furniture between rooms! Garrett now has a new look in the playroom and the sunroom is back to a calm place for reading.

Then, last night I attended the Second Annual Girls' Night Out at the Paper Source and just had a blast even though I had to go by myself. My friend was going to go with me but they sold out of spots in a matter of hours. Since I only have 10 more minutes to blog I'll post the pictures of my crafting later.

Throw in a birthday party in addition to all the normal Sunday activities and I only had time for one layout last night. The good news is that I still have next weekend to create submissions so hopefully that will happen!

Journaling Reads:

Five minutes into our first trip to the playground of Spring you told Daddy that you had an accident. You were so sad when Daddy told you we had to walk back home & get dry. It's hard at 3 to understand the pitfalls of potty training. Never fear we made it back to the playground to enjoy the beautiful Spring Day. (Heart) Mom 2008


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