Friday, September 19, 2008

The Crafting Begins (Updated)

As you know I've decided to throw my hat in the ring again and answer Simple Scrapbooks open calls for the March/April issue.

I'm hoping to get a few layouts done over the weekend but I only had one in me tonight. Not sure if this will qualify as an Easter or Spring layout but this is absolutely the story I heard when I saw these pictures.

Update: I've now had some sleep and realized you can't click and make bigger to read the journaling. And really, that is the point of this layout out. So, here is the journaling.


Looking back two years I would tell myself

You are loved. You have a pretty smile. You should not hide from the camera. You have a beautiful soul. You are patient. Always follow your intuition. Your core will never change. You are a loving mother. You are fun. You have a great laugh.

I would tell myself to cherish this day, let go of yesterday and not worry about tomorrow.



I got the layout done and it was just not settling right with me. So of course I went to Mitch for his opinion and he helped pinpoint what was not working. It was confusing as to who was speaking and the title which was lost in the background left too much room for ambiguity.

Thanks to my dear husband for helping me with my creative process that led to a cleaner layout that I hope communicates its message.

It was difficult because when I saw these pictures I didn't really see an Easter story. Instead, I saw me unguarded in 2006 which allowed me to see all the things I would tell myself.



Anonymous said...

LOVE these pictures. and the layout. Good luck. Lisa P

Anonymous said...

Love the layout... but what about the great tax pictures you took of us? LOL TC, Donna