Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Beginning: 170.1
Gain/(Loss): .8
Total Gain/(Loss): (4.3)

Biggest Changes: I started walking!!!! On Monday I began replacing my crafting time in the morning with walking. I go about 2 miles in about 40 minutes.

Here's what went well: I started walking!!! Also, I REALLY wanted to get a shake at Sonic on Sunday and I even called Mitch to play the "We should really have at least one summertime treat" routine but when he answered I didn't even go there. I told myself no. Sometimes (ok frequently), I unfairly try to make him my policeman but until I police myself this will never stick.

Area for improvement: I think I need to zero in on my dinners. I am extremely controlled with my daytime food because I pack it and take it to work so it must be my dinners that I'm not watching close enough. Also, my goal is to "get up and get out the door" everyday. I'm not tying myself to a certain time limit or mileage but just the committment to follow through.

Confessional: I'm not too bothered about the slight gain only because I know I'm doing the right things and I'm keeping myself honest. So, I'm OK with it for this week but I might get concerned if it happens again next week! Also, to those who have noticed a difference on me from my loss so far thank you for noticing and letting me know. It really does give me a boost!


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Deanna said...

Good luck with your weight loss. Don't replace all your craft time with walking time, though! You need creative time too. Although, it's good to think over your creative endeavors while you walk I guess. (I really need to go walk too.)

BPS classmate