Thursday, July 10, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Blogging from the home front again :)

Here is Garrett's lounging shot for today with an appearance by Jonesy.

Thanks for all the get well wishes. We approached the "I'm not sick" phase where he is tired of me limiting him. So other than us waiting his little body out, with occasional whining, it's not been too bad. Mitch is going to stay home tomorrow so I can resurface at work.

I've gotten a bit behind on my class due to being on demand Mommy but hope to catch up soon. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Oh, I almost forgot. I am in complete awe of you Mom's who stay at home and take care of your children EVERY day. These sick days give me a little peek into your world. Last night when Mitch got home I am a little embarrassed to say I was giddy that Garrett was ready to focus on him. Yesterday was a very I must be touching Mommy at all times kind of a day. While I normally eat this up, I was happy for the break. Last night I went to bed feeling guilty for being put out by an innocent, sick child.

But, because I am not able to spend the whole day with my son everyday I decided to adust my attitude and didn't attempt to do anything but be at his beck & call today. I have to say it worked out pretty well.

I even got him to nap and I was able to play around on the new Creating Keepsakes/Simple Scrapbooks Website. My user profile is MonicaMcNeill and I really like the picture I, read Mitch, uploaded as my Avatar.

So basically I followed Garrett around today and this is what I saw.......


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