Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Easy Tiger

Fact: My husband has cooler taste in music than I do.

As a primarily main stream girl, I admit it can take me a little bit to warm up to some of the music he introduces me to. This may be why we've never had "a song".

Let me explain myself. Early in our relationship I would torture Mitch by having him listen to Delilah's Radio Show. Now that is the music I think of as "Our Song" material. However, I'm pretty certain is safe to say that we wouldn't find any of Mitch's favorites being dedicated on that radio program.

Not having a song after eight years is something that the romantic in me likes to give him a hard time about. But today I would like to say it doesn't matter that we don't have a song. We share a much deeper musical connection. Despite my mainstream nature he is able to expose me to music that I wouldn't find myself.

And that, I think I'm finally really understanding after six years of marriage and two years of courtship is what having a partner in life is all about. Finding that person who complements you, pushes you and makes you grow. If we were always on the same page, we wouldn't evolve. And I certainly have more evolving to do.

I do believe I digressed or maybe I found my point. Either way, what I would like to share today is Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger. The first time I listened to the CD on a walk I thought "mmmmm I don't think so".

But I was wrong.

I stole Mitch's Ipod today and decided to really listen. I have found that I am drawn to the song "I Taught Myself How to Grow Old". It is haunting me in a beautiful way.

I should have known with the name of Easy Tiger I'ld grow to love this CD. Or, as the engineer in my husband likes to remind me, he's always right.

You are probably wondering why Easy Tiger has significance. Well, in my home, I have a clock that my husband gave me the first Christmas we were dating that has engraved on the plate Easy Tiger. Not because of this CD, he only recently discovered this artist, but because he thought I was fiesty and even then was coaching me to take it easy .


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