Saturday, January 25, 2014

True Scrap Pocket Pages is TODAY!!

Today is the True Scrap Pocket Pages event and I have a special offer for you!!!

Save $90 on your True Scrap Pocket Pages registration by using coupon code ASAP90 at checkout. You'll get all six classes, plus replays, plus discounts for only $59.

Here is a little sneak of one of my layouts I share in the class, KISS: Keep It Simple, Scrappy! Simplifying the Pocket Page Process". Remember, this is truly a response to the question I posed to myself of how do I keep scrapbooking in my life as my free time continues to diminish.

I hope you join me! Register HERE  - my class goes live at 2PM CST :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

True Scrap Pocket Pages Class

I've been keeping a secret for a few months and am so excited to finally announce that I am an instructor in the True Scrap Pocket Pages class on January 25th. This class will be full of inspiration for Project Lifers and all Pocket Page Scrapbookers. 

Right now you are able to register for $100 off the registration price of $147 through Cyber Monday. 

My class is "KISS: Keep It Simple, Scrappy! Simplifying the Pocket Page Process" and is truly a response to the question I posed to myself of how do I keep scrapbooking in my life as my free time continues to diminish. I hope you join me!!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Big Picture Classes: Picture the Holidays Giveaway

My friends at Big Picture Classes have offered a seat in photographer Tracey Clark's upcoming class for me to giveaway to one of my readers. Tracey Clark is the author of Elevate the Everyday and someone that I admire in the industry. Her photographs are full of heart and she will inspire you with prompts and photographs through the month of December. You can read a little more about the class below. 

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States I want to express my gratitude for your encouragement and support as I started my photography business in 2013. As a subscriber to my newsletter you will be automatically entered in this giveaway. 

If you are not already subscribed to my newsletter all you have to do is click here.

The giveaway is open through Thursday, November 28th and I will announce a winner on my Facebook page, Monica McNeill Photography, on Friday, November 29th. If you aren't already following my photography page I would love to have you "Like" me over there. 

Picture the Holidays with Tracey Clark
Another 31 Days of Festive Photography with Tracey Clark
12/01/2013 $36.00

About the Class
Spend this December taking inspired, artful photographs of the world around you, during the most wonderful time of the year. Picture the Holidays has been reframed and refreshed for 2013, with new prompts and new pictures to help you creatively and mindfully celebrate this season of joy!

This 31-day workshop, from photographer and author Tracey Clark, is the perfect remedy for the holiday hustle.

Every morning, you'll receive a seasonal photo prompt that will not only inspire your inner photographer, but will also encourage you to take a few moments to yourself to get creatively centered before the day's festivities begin. Inside the classroom, you'll also find a class creed, holiday photography tip sheet, live blog, active student gallery, and supportive classroom message board.

Learn more and register here

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello there Gina and the rest of you still out there listening...

My last two comments have been from Gina who has so kindly asked about the boys, requesting pictures and updates like old friends do, despite the fact we've never met. She is a sweet online friend who I believe has been checking in on this space of mine I would dare say from almost the beginning.

So for Gina and the rest of you who somehow haven't given up on me despite my silence I wanted to say hello there.

The boys are doing great. We are doing great.


We are gearing up for school where Garrett will be going into 3rd grade and the littles will be going back to their school. For the first time they have all spent the summer at home with a sitter and I'm ready for us to get back to our normal, it's what we know.
It seems as though summer strips away all routine which is wonderful but a bit tricky when heading into the office is still steeped in routine.
Travis is soon to be 16 months and his personality is beginning to surface. I daresay we may have another Garrett on our hands. His first year of life challenged me and I struggled with being my best self which had me this year focusing on finding my happy. I think I'm finding my way.
Owen at three is our glue. He bonds everything surrounding him. He is this curious creature of all or nothing, a character trait I find often in myself. He endears and frustrates all the same and it makes me love him even more.
Garrett is allowing me to turn the camera to him more these days and it makes my heart happy. I seem to walk this line with him of capturing and sharing him with the same passion I do the littles but all the while respecting the fact that he is coming into his own and much of his life is not for me to share. But there is no doubt he has my heart and we definitely celebrate him privately.
While I've been silent in this space I have been showing up more in my life lately.
Photography and storytelling have been long time passions of mine and I have just recently decided to truly live with my whole heart and begin a photography business. I am slowly and purposefully building a portfolio and client base and I feel so alive.  I'm exhausted but I am so happy.
I don't want to let go of this space, it was the beginning, so I'm working through how to be present here. Today is a start. Today I say hello there.
If you would like to follow my photography journey I have carved out a space for myself on Facebook and fingers crossed will have a website up and running within the next few weeks. For now you can find me at

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Story Giveaway Winner

And the winner of a seat in Hello Story is.......

Blogger cool-E-baby said...

I'd like to tell the stories of the vacations my husband and I took before we had kids.
June 25, 2013 at 4:38 PM

Please send me an email at withoutfilters(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your seat in class.