Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Thank You, A Confession and A Winner

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to Garrett's fund raising efforts for Jump Rope for Hearts.We are so proud so that he raised $460 for the American Heart Association.

This week I was dropping him off at school when I learned from his P.E. teacher that Garrett was the top fundraiser in his school. The sheepish smile on his face made me very glad that in the middle of a very busy season for me at work and perpetual state of chaos at home I didn't dismiss his relentless reminders to let him go to neighbors & family to ask for donations. I am glad that I didn't let setting up his online donation page fall off my to-do list. Because you see, I was this close to blowing it all off.

Life is crazy and there are always a dozen things that are top of mind that I will do when I get a minute and in the course of a day I would guess at least 11 of those never get done. I am very glad that, albeit at the last minute, I let this small little thing to me that was very important to him get done.

And now Garrett has picked a winner......


Jayne I'll be in touch!! Thank you again everyone and especially Becky Higgins for donating this prize!


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