Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bait & Switch

I know I promised to share Week 41 of Project Life next but I've been distracted by Christmas. Since Sunday I've been working furiously to put together a quilt top for my husband's Christmas present. I was very excited to get it done last night!!


My husband's first comment was that it really fits into the color palette of our house. I would love to say that I planned it that way but since I pulled fabrics for and began this project last Christmas I have no idea what I was thinking :)

My favorite print is the chicks which I pulled in because I wanted to use gray. Love. This is the first quilt top I've taken the time to iron my seams so they "nest" in order to get my points to match. The kicker is that it worked!! I was so afraid I'd get off track since this design really needs them to line up and was tickled with each row to see it come together. And here is the inspiration for the quilt from Film in the Fridge, same but different.


So that I keep my word, something my six year old keeps me honest on, "a promise is a promise", here are pictures of my almost finished Week 41 of Project Life.




This is most certainly one of my more random posts but I've only given myself a 10 minute break from Mid Year Evaluations at work so it's time to get back it. Hope you are having a wonderful day!



deb duty said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'm so impressed! My mom loves to make quilts but it hasn't rubbed off on me. Your PL layouts look great as always!

purpledaisylove said...

simply enjoying your post during my lunch break and it makes me want to cough up a storm, leave work and go home and work on my project life i started in march...and must add...I'm super loving it!

angie said...

It is lovely Monica and congrats on your news below! I just hope I get to see you in 2012!!