Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Life: Week Twenty Seven

This week was about cooking at home, family nights & outings, night time routines, adventure and taking the time to notice the precious moments in our life.

This week sat on my desk for weeks and was complete all but for the Cowboys Stadium layout. I struggled with the idea of doing a "layout" and then this week I gently reminded myself to not make it more complicated that it needs to be.


I applied that same theory to the 5x7 picture of Owen. I loved this shot & decided I didn't want to do anything but include it so I backed it with some of my favorite patterned paper and called it done.


Funny story about the Lake Texoma journal spot. I had just finished my 8x8 insert and was showing Mitch (after a few pina colada's) and he said, what is Lake Eisenhower? I confidently answered the lake you guys went to! He chuckled and said no, we went to Eisenhower State Park which has Lake Texoma. Shows you how much of an outdoor girl I am :) Of course, I had to fix it!


The upper right hand picture & journal card underneath are really more about how I came to take the picture rather than the actual picture.

Journaling: Mitch checked on Garrett and found him asleep with a toy in his hand. After Garrett gets his 5 min of snuggles he can read but it looks like he played instead :) I love that Mitch also notices the small moments in life, especially with the boys, that make our life extraordinary.


I love that my husband lives with his heart open that and he notices these small, magical moments.

Thanks for stopping by & as usual you can see more pictures here. I have just printed the last two weeks of pictures and am excited to pick them up this afternoon!


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