Monday, August 22, 2011

Project Life: Week 16

Today Garrett started 1st grade and a few weeks ago Owen started Montessori. To think that it was only a year ago that I was still on maternity leave and Garrett was adjusting to life in Kinder seems surreal.

Life moves so fast. I am grateful to have Project Life, our time capsule of 2011.

While we were on vacation last week, I worked on finishing out Volume 1, the first 120 days. All I have left is the album cover title and I can call it done. When I put it on the shelf with my Library of Memories I felt such accomplishment. I cherish the bits & pieces of life that have been photographed, collected and recalled.

While it is obvious that this project will increase in value and meaning as our family changes and the boys grow older I think the less obvious benefit is that this project nudges you to celebrate your life, while you are living it , and in turn you cultivate a greater depth of gratitude for your blessings.

In this era of status updates, blogs, twitter feeds and instagram it is all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing our lives to others. I find myself falling into this trap all too often. I love that Project Life helps me bring my focus back to my life.

The blessings of Week Sixteen included: means to take an overnight trip to Louisville, free time to appreciate the love and friendship of my soul sisters, the laughter of children, beautiful boys whose God given gifts shine, simple joys of a six year old (new underwear), simple joys of a baby (Cheerios) family Easter traditions, simple joys of a grown man (golf), lunch breaks with friends, fond memories of our first home and the love that surrounds my little family of four captured in a photograph.




Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back later this week with Week 15, 17 and my opening and closing pages of Volume 1. As usual, you can find more pictures of the week here.


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vintagemodernquilts | Lisa said...

I am so inspired by your Project Life album! Congratulations on finishing volume 1. :)