Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At a Snail's Pace: Project Life Week Twelve & Thirteen

I find it hard not to laugh when I come to post my Project Life layouts. I'm sure there are some, including a small voice inside me, that wonder, "Really Monica, you are so far behind and yet you continue to post and show how behind you are?"

But then my husband tells me how much he loves how I capture our life and that he enjoys going back to reflect on where we've been, or I have a friend turn the pages of my album and encourage me with her compliments or I watch Garrett pull down my library of albums and thumb through the layouts or I take a step back to look and appreciate the richness of what has been gathered and then I answer the voice, "Yes, I continue to post & show how behind I am because this is a life experience and not a race."

Over the long weekend, I was able to get every bit of memorabilia, pictures and instagram pictures in my album. Since I am not current, I am working in batch processes. The next step for Week Fifteen (April 10th-16th) through Week Twenty Five (June 19th-25th) is adding the small bits of journaling and making my week titles. For Week Twenty Six (June 26th-July 2nd) I have printed my pictures and gathered my memorabilia.

I have realized that I will not be able to fit six months into one album. It looks like four months in an album is going to work for me. Below you see volume 1 which is only three weeks shy of being complete (which means I still need to add my bits of journaling to those weeks but everything is in the album as it will be). That is so exciting & will be a definite sense of accomplishment, like a hitting a mile marker in a race. Not that I would know anything about running a race but I'm imagining.


Week Twelve was all about Garrett's Back to School Night, the school book fair and Owen taking his first steps with a walker.


I probably included too much on the book fair but this was so special for me as a child and it excites me that Garrett has the same love for it.


My favorite part of the week is in the lower right hand corner where I connected two seamingly unrelated photos and highlighted the fact that Owen, Garrett & Patton are always together these days. I will cherish this album for showing me these trends in my life.


Week Thirteen was a great slice of life without any one event or moment standing out.


I use my project life box as a gathering place for my assortment of page protectors and sift through them when I know how many additional slots for pictures that I need for the week. Then I take great liberties in trimming & sewing page protectors to create homes for all the photos I want to include.


All of the journaling spots shown in the above & below layouts are from Studio Calico. I love their weight & use an American Crafts slick writer to journal on them.


My favorite part of the week is the picture on the lower right hand side with the word bubbles. Instead of journaling about Garrett's goofiness I decided to just add it in this way. I think it works, or at least it makes me smile.


Thanks for stopping by to look at my Project Life progress! As usual, you can see more pictures when you click on the link Project Life under the blog banner.


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