Monday, May 2, 2011

Impressions on my Heart

IMG_6405 PSE

Last night, with the rest of the nation, I rejoiced that there is a little less evil in the world as a result of an operation led by a joint team of military operatives.

This morning I woke up with several impressions on my heart.

My prayer today is for the families of those who have lived with the grief of 9/11 for almost a decade. My hope is that this victory brings them some closure, comfort & peace.

My most sincere & humble thanks is sent to the men & women who have given their life in the pursuit of the evil that brought our country so much pain. My heart goes out to their families and I pray that this victory brings them comfort and perhaps some closure.

My gratitude is for the men & women who protect our nation everyday with their lives. Without their dedication & sacrifice our world would be filled with greater evil.

My hope for our country is that we are able to see that this victory was a team effort a decade in the making and that we use this victory to unify as one people, one nation.



vintage modern quilts | Lisa said...

Beautifully said, Monica.

Anonymous said...

there is such a range of emotions today.....definitely significant day in history, that I also hope brings closure.