Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I had great plans to share with you today Week Two and Week Three of Project Life. However, just as I settled in with a nice glass of wine & Week Three last night Baby O woke up only two hours into his nighttime sleep. The poor little guy was sick with a tummy bug. So, instead I spent my night loving on my baby.

Without any further delay because I really need to go finish dinner as soon as Mitch gets back with some Chicken Broth (I swear we had some when I made the grocery list!) here is Week Two.




My favorite piece of Week Two is the middle opening (second picture). The layout really tells two stories. Tucked into the envelope is G's behavior chart from the week along with my thoughts. Since Garrett asks me to read all the journaling he sees in our "Family Album" I wanted to tuck these thoughts away.

I am seriously loving this project......

You can see the detailed shots of Week Two by clicking on the link Project Life 2011 under the banner. Each week I will embed a new slide show for the week with the most current at top.

Hoping to be back later this week with Week Three but in this house you never know!



Melanie said...

I love seeing each of your weeks. There is not that much going on in our household as I have a 16 yr. old and no little kids.

I just got my book last week but haven't had a chance to work on it yet. I am having problems with IPhoto and PSE8 so some of my pics are missing. So stressful to worry about that but I have to fix that first and then start working on mine.

MariClaudi said...

Your pictures are truly inspirational! Love your project life!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I had discovered this wonderful project when my kids were all little. I'd have loved looking back on my "crazy time" and have it all documented. Good for you, Mon! What a gift - for you and your boys :)

Anonymous said...

I love your Project Life, so much inspiration! I really like how you included a layout and all of the little extras.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts! Stopping by from the Project Life Tuesday. I just joined and played a lot of catch up this week :)

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I love how your album is coming together...looks awesome :)