Friday, November 26, 2010

For This I Am Thankful

I placed Owen in the middle of the bed & walked into the bathroom. Passing back through the doorway into the bedroom I paused to watch them.

Garrett had come into the room & was kneeling above Owen. He bent down & gently touched Owen's head. They were now nose to nose with Garrett whispering secrets to Owen. Sensing my presence he turned to me smiling & said "Hi Mama." Then the moment was over.

I often find them in these moments of brotherly love & for this I am thankful.

Thanksgiving is usually the holiday that I choose not to take pictures. I make an effort instead to cherish the moments & keep them with me in my heart. However, yesterday I was witnessing one such moment & knew I also had to have a picture.


My grandmother was able to join us yesterday & she met Owen for the first time. I witnessed yesterday that the grandmother I knew is slowly slipping away. Neither of them will remember this moment but I will never forget the way she held him and sang while they rocked back & forth.


One day I will tell him how they were so taken with each other & now I can show him. For this I am thankful.



Char said...

Oh my....I am choked up. That is simply precious.

Barb said...

Monica, your love of your family is so very evident.
Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us here.

Narelle said...

Monica - this is just gorgeous - my little boy is 5 months and he met his great grandmother at 9 days old when we flew home to spend time with her before she passed away! I was so thankful that Kobe met his Nan and she was thrilled to hold him! It was so special to read your post about this moment in your lives! Your little boy is absolutely a charmer!

Stacy said...

This brought tears to my I wish my grandmother had made it long enough to meet my boys! I miss her everyday! So happy you decided to pick up your camera and capture these amazing moments!