Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Month

has flown by. The realization that the time is quickly slipping away has me holding on tighter to every minute I am able to look into your eyes and kiss those chubby cheeks. When you slip me a smile my heart grows.

You are such a trouper & extremely easy going. Brother has us in & out of the car for VBS, swim lessons, playdates, & trips to Target. You & your car seat are one some days. I always try though to balance those days with home days where we go nowhere & do nothing. This is when I get to see you wide awake & alert staring at me with those big brown eyes.

Your gaze is always so thoughtful as you study your new world around you. I think you will be a ponderer.

You've begun to coo at us & I love hearing the delicate little sound you make. Such a difference from the grunting I've become accustomed to hearing in the middle of the night or the frantic gulping when you nurse.

Little did the lady at Target know that she would get an audio of your feeding when she allowed us to use the dressing room to nurse. I sat there chuckling while you enjoyed your milk.

You're getting so big so fast. At your two week check up you grew an inch and weighed in at 9lbs. I'm curious to see your stats at your 5wk check up. You've outgrown your newborn clothes & are filling out your 0-3 months wardrobe already.

You are quite strong and I'm pretty sure you are going to be a bouncer. You've figured out that kicking your legs lets you scooch yourself down, up and around. When I put pressure on your feet & you start bouncing you can inch up my chest. When lying on my chest you lift your head up high to look at my face. You are already starting to lift your head when on the floor for tummy time.

My only concern is your discomfort when you are struggling with gas or potty. Since you are usually so laid back & happy it is alarming when you have a bad episode and are screaming. Today we go to get a second opinion. I hope we receive better insight & direction than previously received. Know this my little one, I will always be your biggest advocate & do everything I can to keep you well & happy.

As the days go by your brotherly bond with Garrett gets stronger. On your 21st day of life Garrett was ready to hold you. My heart grows every time I see Garrett coming over to love on you. Even though he's reserved with his affection I can see that already he loves you so much.

I do believe he is going to be your biggest protector & teacher. When he speaks to you, you are mesmerized. I look forward to the next few months where his silly antics will entertain you endlessly.

You my son are such a sweet boy & easily capture the hearts of everyone around you. I cherish everyday we have together.



Amy said...

What beautiful boys you have! You are right - it slips away so quickly - enjoy every second!

purpledaisy said...

this post brought tears to my eyes! i absolutely love it love it love it!!! he is beyond adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Mon. Can't imagine the love of you writing and the joy of Owen one day reading............

Melanie said...

You look great and I know you love your two boys. That last picture is so cute.