Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stopping by to say Howdy!

Last week it felt wonderful to have my camera in hand, documenting our life. As it turned out, it wasn't exactly an ordinary week.

Then, it hit me, that is my life right now! There is nothing ordinary happening, everything is extraordinary to us. We are all preparing to welcome a new member of the family into our home.

We also have a very active life between the three of our schedules. So while the events of the day may or may not be deemed ordinary, the hustle & bustle of our crazy busy life is definitely ordinary!

I did a pretty good job keeping up with uploading my pictures from last week to Flickr. I only have Sunday left to edit & upload. I still plan on documenting my reflections here on the blog & would love to have that done by this weekend. If you would like to see the pictures you are welcome to view the collection here.

Before we start our day I wanted to share my weekend project, Owen's quilt!

It has sat in a quilt sandwhich for over a month. I've never quilted or binded a full quilt before so I was waiting to attempt it at the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild Saturday Sew. Well, plans changed & encouraged by Mitch I just jumped right in on Saturday. While it is in no way perfect I'm loving it just the same.

Here is the front with binding in process & complete in some parts.

Here is the back with the binding in process & complete in some parts.

His room is based off these colors & I really need to get in there to set it all up. All we have right now is the crib, changing table & tons of storage bins! I'm hoping to find time this weekend to get it looking a little more like a nursery.

Have a beautiful day!



Amy said...

It's turning out great! I loved the top when you showed it at the meeting, and now I really love it with that binding! Great job!

Melanie said...

They didn't have those 3D sonograms when I had my son 16 yrs. ago. How wonderful to see little Owen in the womb so clearly.

Debbie P said...

Monica, Your quilt is beautiful. I really admire your talent. The 3D sonograms are fantastic. Wish they'd been around when my little ones were born. Hope you stay in good health. Thanks for sharing!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Love the quilt. What amazing colors. I really wanted to do a 3D sonogram with my daughter. It looks really cool.