Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Full Life

Mitch & I keep asking each other "When will the calm come?" It seems as though since the new year we have been going non stop. We've even started using meeting invites to make sure all our family activities are scheduled on both our calendars. This is a first for our family!

While we are both exhausted, I feel like the chaos has brought us closer. The last month has shown me that we are truly a team; I think that is one of my favorite things about my marriage. We walk beside each other.

He is the reason that I am able to fill my life with so many things I love. I am excited to see how little bean's arrival will deepen our relationship further.

So, what have I been up to?

I think the most exciting thing is that Mitch took a guys trip to watch a practice round at the Masters. We missed him like crazy; our little family is rarely apart.

But, he has said that it was the most amazing experience. Garrett was intrigued that Daddy was going to watch golf and has asked if he can too. We plan, depending on little bean's arrival, on taking him to watch Mitch's childhood friend, Jimmy Walker play at the Byron this year.

This is already a tradition for Mitch & I and it's now time to add Garrett.

Before Mitch left we took a family day trip to Canton, Texas. Think massive flea market but nicer. I had some great finds & hope to do a found treasures post here within the month. However, I think we all were most excited about the food!

As soon as Mitch got home, we geared up for our garage sale. We walked away with a little bit of pocket change & a sizeable donation to Goodwill & the Salvation Army. While I was probably a crazy woman to tackle this considering how busy we've been it feels SO good to have my home that much lighter.

While Mitch & I were manning the garage sale Garrett was off at the Zoo having fun with Grandpa.

Garrett has no idea that we have been rushing from one day to the next. OK maybe he noticed when yesterday morning he had no chocolate milk, breakfast bar or "real" apple juice and his uniform wasn't clean.

BUT we still make time for bubbles in the front yard & goofy camera sessions after school. I'm teaching him how to work the remote. I would love to have another photographer in the house.

He is finishing up his Montessori life and I think he will miss the world he's known since he was 18 months. His teachers are already asking him to come visit them and he talks about when little bean will go to Montessori. I am so lucky that he's had such a wonderful experience.

While the amount of time I've had to be creative has been limited by both a full schedule both at home and at work I have been playing a little bit!

I'm still serving as a trainer & I recently updated my All About Us library album.

Next week I am going to try to participate in Ali Edwards's Week in the Life. I think if I get everything together this weekend I have a shot at actually following through. I am truly motivated because I would love to have a snapshot of our week before little bean joins us.

I am also sewing again! Little beans quilt is pieced together & armed with some fabulous tips from my Dallas Modern Quilt Guild at last week's meeting I am ready to quilt.

We have a Saturday Sew coming up next weekend I hope to have it quilted by then so I can get hands on guidance with the binding. Garrett's big brother version of this quilt is being cut & I would love to be able to piece it at the Saturday Sew.

By far the biggest thing that is happening to all of us is the pending arrival of little bean. Today marks 33 weeks. He has been given a name, Owen Charles McNeill and his room is full of his stuff.

A few weeks ago we were cleaning off the changing table & Garrett said to me "Mama, I like what is happening." I asked him what he meant and he told me "Owen is coming."

I was worried about their age difference but I am loving that Garrett is extremely aware of what is happening. He is my biggest helper in Owen's room & I am never in there without him.

We tried to peek at Owen this week but it looks like I have another strong willed child.

At first he was partially covering his face but we managed to see a grin. Then he decided to attempt to fit all his fingers in his mouth & we were able to see that he has long eye lashes. All of our effort to move him around only encouraged him to add his foot to his hands to cover his face.

Then, I saw five little toes and it hit me, he's really really coming! We were able to reschedule for next week & I plan on pumping him full of sugar so maybe, just maybe he will let us see his little face.

I hope that you are having a beautiful week!



April said...

aww, thanks for the update! Looks like you're absolutely right - busy busy busy! I'm hoping to do the Week in the Life as well - and I'm in Tami's workshop at BPS too. We need to chat soon :) ~april

Barb said...

You are such a beautiful pregnant chick. :)
And your photos are all gorgeous. The bubble one is my fave.

I was thinking about Ali's Week in the Life project. Next week is definitely going to be a typically busy week here, so yes, it would be a good one to document. Maybe this is the creative kick in the butt I need. Thanks for reminding me.

Hillary said...

LOVE your new banner picture! So glad things are going so well for you and your lovely family. Owen is a wonderful name - that's my little one's (3 YO)name.

Wishing you every happiness and joy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, you look amazing!!! I think we were in some BPS classes together and I found your blog from Stacy Julian's. I am 30 weeks pregnant - have loved reading your blog!
Take Care. Narelle - Perth Australia

Melanie said...

You look beautiful! I know that you are excited and by the sound of it, Garrett is too.

Love the pictures from the Masters. How much fun was that for Mitch?

Take care and have a great week.

HappyGirl said...

what a lovely post, monica. thanks for the update. and i'm so glad YOU have finally made an appearance on the banner. you are beautiful. can't wait to "meet" owen. enjoy these days. :)

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful :)