Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Been Challenged

to think outside the box, the crayon box that is....

In celebration of the release of Stacy Julian's newest eB00k UR2Cre8ive I have a fun project to share with you. But before I do, doesn't this cover just scream FUN!!

I promise the pages inside are just as good. Trust me, I've had the chance to take a sneak peak. In fact, I've played along with two of the exercises but I can only reveal one today.

In an exercise designed to embrace my creative freedom I was challenged to use crayon wrappers in some way. I had been holding onto a few pieces of work my son's teacher showed me at our latest parent/teacher conference & with the trigger of crayon wrappers I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Inspired by both the wrappers & my son's work I found myself completely playing in the design of this layout. I love the spirit of fun that it seems to capture.

Supplies: Studio Calico Yearbook & Marketplace Kits

Journaling: I always look forward to seeing your work at the parent teacher conference. This year, the last conference at MSND, held a special surprise. As I was being told that you are strong in both Math & Reading all I could see was your creativity. There will be a lifetime of the basics so what I cherish now is your imagination. A man behind a grill, people on a boat these are the things I hope you will always see.

Here is a closeup of his work featured in the layout. Seriously love this kid of mine.

As a result of having Garrett with me while I was creating he has now requested that I create a mini album of all his work. I see a weekend project up ahead!

While you'll have to wait for the March issue of Scrapbook Elements to see how some of my friends & I played along with some of the other prompts you can go buy the book & be inspired yourself today!



Barb said...

Oh wow, I LOVE what you did with the crayon wrappers and G's artwork. Wow wow wow! Very creative, indeed! :)

Kim said...

This looks wonderful, Monica! I love how you sewed the wrappers onto the page. I never would have thought of that!

stacyj said...

You've inspired me. I've never scrapbooked anything that I bring home from parent/teacher conferences.I just stick these things in my School of Life file. I'm going to scrapbook one from each of my boys' conferences, coming up!
cool idea.

TracyBzz said...

Great layout Monica! I'm going to read this book tonight. I've glanced at it earlier when I printed it.