Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doing A Little Decorating

Ever since I saw Wendy Smedley's post on wall displays I knew I wanted to frame a collage with a frame. I had a frame that I had picked up for $10 and was excited to be thrifty. Unfortunately, I waited so long to put it up that the frame went wonky. I still haven't given up on that one but until I can entice the hubs to use his power tools for my crafty good it will sit unhung.

However, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. So, I took advantage of a Michael's frame sale and bought a new exterior frame & interior frames.

Once the exterior frame was hung I traced the interior frames on the tissue paper the clerk had wrapped them in.

Then I cut each tracing, marked where the nail would hang & labeled each tracing and frame.

Originally I had purchased six frames for the interior but once I put up my tracings I realized I only had room for four.

Then I hung my frames on top of the tracings to make sure everything was where I wanted it to be.

Filled the frames with pictures and pulled off the tracings. Now, I get to look at some of my favorite shots of Garrett as I stand at my scrap table.

Have a great weekend!! I've started picking my papers for my December Daily Album and hope to share this coming week.



Rachel said...

Very cool! I like it, and I like the wall color, also.

Thanks for linking back to Wendy Smedley--that's a great resource that I've bookmarked. :)


Lee said...

Love how you did that! I've been mulling as well :) Yours is BRILLIANT. Looks wonderful.

April P. said...

Your photo frame collage turned out great, Monica! I am still debating what is going in front of me at my scrap table.

helena said...

love the contrast between the dark of the frames and the orange walls and thanks for explaining your process.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! That is fantastic. Love that you could hang 4 piddly little frames in a way to make a big impact. And it's not one of those multi photo frames.
I am stealing this idea! I have all framed photos that I've taken myself as all the 'art' in my house.

Stacy said...

Love this idea Monica! It turned out fantastic! I may just have to copy your great idea!