Monday, November 9, 2009

The Annual Costume Shoot

has happened every Halloween but this year was different. This year I was able to pay in candy. This may not have been appropriate but boy was it effective! For the first year, there were no tears in any of the pictures. In fact he totally hammed it up for me.

The pictures were taken in my living room in mid/late afternoon with black velvet as a backdrop. This is what my studio looked like.

I always feel like such a cheese hanging up the velvet in the doorway but in the end when you get in tight it really doesn't matter. This is one of the best purchases I've made to help me along with my do-it-yourself photo shoots.

My other favorite purchase is the remote for my camera. Holly asked in the pumkin carving post about remotes. The one I have is a Canon remote that fits several Canon SLR cameras. I love that it is wireless, inexpensive at $25, and effective. A quick search at B&H of wireless remotes for SLR cameras came up with several different brands.

While we are talking equipment I have another favorite to share. I used to download my pictures directly from my Canon Rebel XT to the computer & it would take forever. It would frequently time out on me & I was continually frustrated uploading pictures. The SanDisk ImageMate All-in-One USB 2.0 Reader has me waiting no longer. Love how fast it uploads my pictures!

Hope you find these hints helpful!



April P. said...

beautiful photos and what fun "behind the scenes" sharing you've done . . . thinking I really need a remote to myself.

Lee said...

The shots are fabulous, Monica! Don't you just love the reader? Couldn't live without mine :) Love your behind the scene post!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Great photos! I love my reader. I don't even know how to upload photos without it. I have a couple of backdrops but I haven't used them in a while. I really should pull them out to do a Halloween photo shoot.

Nadine said...

buzz lightyear! to the rescue! ^^

I love toy story (:

great photos!

sharyncarlson said...

Great photos! I was just starting to think about getting a remote and didn't realize how affordable they are. I think I'll pick one up!

Pam said...

Cute photos Mon. I may have to spring for one of those remotes.

Christi said...

Great photo shoot!! He is adorable!! Love the black velvet backdrop idea - I might have to get some!! :-)

TamiV said...

Love the photos, can't wait to see the layout ;)! Great tip with the velvet backdrop!