Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Is In The Air

On Saturday we had the windows open & pulled down the Fall tubs from the Attic.

I can never remember where I put things last year so I always do a great dump & then just start putting things up in the house.

I read somewhere, sometime that if you don't have alot of decorations you should cluster what you have for greatest impact. So, I focus first on the fireplace.

Then on the piano.

And this year, I added our dining table. Just recently we gave up our formal dining room for my husband's office space and are eating exclusively in our breakfast area. I really wanted to spruce it up and found what I needed at Walmart,Pottery Barn, and Crate& Barrell. Love the mix of high end, low end.

I had extra acorns so I filled some empty vases. Fun mixing what I have & what is new.

A little more new this year is the fun pirate accesories for our Funkin Pumpkin. Pottery Barn Kids is a mecca for inspiration. Wish I had unlimited funds :)

My absolute favorite is the collection of pictures of Garrett's costume's over the years. I absolutely took this idea from the wife of a former boss. Such a fantastic family & she kept such a beautiful home. Note to self: Must scrap the influence of this family in my life.

When I saw her collection of her children I knew it would be such a personal, meaningful addition to our seasonal decorations.

Last year I put together this little collage to serve as a centerpiece for the collection.

I try to keep everything kid friendly that is within Garrett's reach because I know that it will become apart of some super hero battle eventually.

Our prompt for yesterday's LOAD was to scraplift & I choose the oh so talented Lisa Dickinson. This is a lift from her layout as published in the November issue of Scrapbook Trends, page 83.

Some of my friends have noticed my increase in stitching on my layouts & I attribute it to the inspiration of Lisa Truesdell & keeping my sewing machine out for easy use. I've moved my scrap cave around and am living with it for awhile before I share. But this, is definitely working.



Sara said...

I love your fall decorations, I'm going to have to use that idea of the halloween photographs. Great lift of the Lisa Dickinson page and Lisa Truesdell is a great inspiration for me as well. Now I just need to get a sewing machine that works.

Lee said...

Love your fall decorations. I really should get on ours. After all, Thanksgiving for us is THIS weekend!! Your place looks GREAT :) You are such an inspiration.

Becky said...

Lovely! I was going to pull my decorations out today but I think you need to come over and put them out for me. ;-)

Missy said...

love the decor...especially the pirate pumpkin!

Holly said...

Your decorations are gorgeous. This is my favorite season for decorating - just love the warm colors. I typically have mine up in late September, but I'm WAY behind this year and haven't gotten around to it. I hope seeing this post will push me to do it this weekend.
However, that's not actually why I'm commenting. I noticed the onesie hanging near your sewing machine and was wondering if you could tell me the story behind that. I have a 7 month old baby and I'm starting to get ideas swirling through my brain of how to hold on to some of his tiny "firsts".