Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Eight

Meals YOU have given North Texas. To say I'm thrilled is not even adequate. Everytime I update Garrett he gets this very wide eyed look and a shy smile on his face. I'm not sure he is comprehending exactly what we are doing for the children of North Texas but he does know we are doing something to help others. If that is all he takes away I'm over the moon.

To learn more about where your money is going I encourage you to watch this video. Garrett & I watched it this morning and at the end he turned to me & said "Are we giving one hundred six seven meals?" I watched as his eyes got big and that sweet smile spanned his face when I told him, no, we are giving 2,588 meals. THANK YOU!!

There is still time to donate to our Virtual Food Drive, here. Our drive runs through Sunday night and then on Monday morning I will post the winner of all three of Ella's first publications!!

If you haven't popped over to Ella's live site I suggest you do & grab yourself a freebie. Next week there is going to be all sorts of fun with Ella Publishing; stay tuned for more details!

I just can't say enough how grateful I am that you have helped my family Close the Gap on hunger. I know that there are many people in need in our global community & I truly appreciate you helping my local community.



Gina said...

Monica, I am watching my son slowly starve to death - without a cure - it is difficult. Thanks for doing something about hunger that is 100% curable here in the US! :)Blessings!! Gina

Kyla said...

Monica . . . I'm so glad to see that you met and exceeded your goals! You're truly an angel!

God Bless you and yours!