Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Not Making Any Promises

But I have successfully filled an entire large flat rate box of scrapping goodies. I'm talking paper, idea books, emblellishments, the Making Memories Tag Maker, punches & ribbon. I'm not holding anything back.

Well, except my Sizzex & all my dies I've collected. Those are reserved for my Mom, the new scrapper.

The weekend was spent destroying & purging the Scrap Cave. Sadly I'm not nearly done & I'm toying with the idea of purging my Stampin Up Collection. Seriously, I have about 8 boxes of stamps and I don't really stamp anymore!

I also have tons of old Creative Memories pages & protectors that I really don't see myself using but am having a hard time letting go of. Not to mention, I haven't even really touched my patterned paper or stickers. Ahhhhhh

Another thing I've done is reclycled tons of magazines that I've kept for many years & many moves and have never once looked at again! I am flipping through my Real Simple Collection and pulling out anything that looks like it could make an interesting layout.

Since I was creating a mess in the ScrapCave I didn't actually do any creating this weekend and it looks like I may not be able to for a few weeks. My pay the bills job is heating up right about now & its going to take all my energy to focus on that & my domestic gig.

However, there is alot of exciting fun with Ella coming up. I even have something up my sleeve that I hope to share this week.

I also have been mulling over a brain child of mine & think I'm going to put all my thoughts into a coherent format so I can share them & possibly make them happen. All of that is going to take whatever discretionary energy I have left so blogging may be limited through the rest of August.

I do plan on continuing the great purge of the ScrapCave & as soon as I get closer to completion I will be posting pictures of & giving away my box of scrapping goodies!

OK I'm off to bed so I can get up super early to squeeze in an extra couple hours of work. Have a wonderful week everyone!



Lee said...

Good for you, Monica. I have to finish up my big purge. Can't wait to see your upcoming plans and projects :)

Maureen said...

sounds very ambitious and something i should do as well. Do you have a plan for what you are keeping?

Kyla said...

YAY for you! There is A LOT to be said for simplifying. I've been working on it all Summer and I've made lots of headway, but there is so much more left to do. A never-ending process of growth and learning, but oh so rewarding when you can finally sit down and enjoy the creative process without all the clutter! Good luck to you and I can't wait to hear your news!

purpledaisy said...

yeah!! i've been purging mine too! :)
i need to purge so i could buy more. hehe.

purpledaisy said...

if you purge your stamps, i'm interested in buying them. i sent you an email. :)

stacyj said...


"I also have been mulling over a brain child of mine & think I'm going to put all my thoughts into a coherent format so I can share them & possibly make them happen"

I LOVE this. This is how great things happen. How can I help?

I hope you'll leave time for our project too! (remember the one that got put on the back burner!) It's been a crazy summer.

Your blog looks fantastic -- so proud of YOU!