Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Sweet Friends!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! In a little over a week you have raised $415 for the North Texas Food Bank; that is 1,660 meals provided!!!

This has definitely exceeded our family goal of providing 1,000 meals. However, as I read more about the programs that the North Texas Food Bank provides I would love to get to 2,000 meals by the end of the week. All I need is nine more people to donate $10 and we can accomplish that!!

One of the programs that reaches my heart the most is Food 4 Kids that provides kid-friendly, self-serve food for the weekend to those elementary school children most at risk of going hungry over the weekend. The program currently serves over 200 schools in 17 school districts & provides food every weekend during the school year to approximately 4,400 children in the greater Dallas area.

This testimonial truly opened up my eyes to the need of several of our American children.

From the Frontlines…A testimonial from RISD Academy

"One student came running up to me the next day after receiving the food on Friday and just hugged my legs tightly. As I unpeeled him I asked, what was wrong. He simply responded, “I had the best weekend! I ate all my food and shared some with my little brother. I hid it under my bed and ate it whenever I felt hungry.”

Another student asked the teacher several times throughout the day to come and see me. He asked, “Are you going to give me food again?” I answered, “Yes, every Friday.” He came back again the same day to ask, “Are you sure you’re going to have enough food to give me some again?” Again, I answered yes. A third time in the same day he asked, “When can I come and get my food from you?” I turned and knelt to his level and took his hand. I gently squeezed and said, “As long as I can and you are in this school, I will give you this food every Friday. All you have to do is be here.” He hugged me so hard I could hardly breathe.

I don't understand why we don't hear about these children in need, our own country's children, more often. My eyes have now been opened & I will not forget they need us.

This mornings sermon delivered a simple message at the end "Love begots Love". While images were shown of one hand helping the other I felt tears well up & when they showed pictures of our Church's own Food Pantry I almost lost it. We were asked when given a choice, will we choose love?

I ask you my sweet friends to please help me give love. I know that the economy is rough right now & many of you may be affected by job loss or other hardships. However, there are many of us that have been lucky so far. If you are able to skip the Starbucks run or, for me, the Chinese takeout, and give $10 instead to the North Texas Food Bank, it would really make a huge difference in a child's life.

By the way, have you seen the sneak of what's up for grabs??? A few weeks ago Rebecca Cooper posted a sneak of her new book over at Write.Click.Scrapbook

I happen to have an advance copy in my hands and it is DIVINE!! Don't forget, I will draw a winner from those that have donated to receive a copy of ALL three of Ella Publications first e-books.

I am also happy to report that I met my deadline at work on Friday and have spent the weekend recovering. We've been playing together this weekend & the focus has been on family. Next up is getting my crafting life back on track!

Garrett had a beautiful afternoon today with his girlie that has moved to Kinder this year. I'm so thankful for the friendships he has formed already in his young life. It's exciting to know that we could be nurturing a lifetime friendship even at this early age.

With the prospect of company next weekend, its now time to face the reality of getting ready for the week. I have tons of Mommy musings rattling around in my head & will be back soon to share.

Have a wonderful Monday!



Cheryl said...

This is such an amazing thing that your family is doing. And I love the scrapbook page you made about it. You can count me in. Good luck with reaching your goal!

Kyla said...

Thanks for the update! I'll see what else I can come up with. ;)