Monday, July 27, 2009

Project 365

I spent the better part of Saturday updating my 365 Blog that had been sadly neglected for two months. I've had a few questions about how I'm embracing this project and felt it deserved its own post today.

The truth is I have not taken a picture every single day and I'm OK with that. For me, this project is not about the mechanics. This project is about creating awareness in my life, about recognizing that there will never be another 2009 with these exact details, about documenting a world that my son will only have fleeting memories of, about celebrating life as we know it.

This is an enormous task and sometimes the life we are documenting is the same life that tends to get in the way. To prepare for the inevitable days where I will not be able to pull out my camera I take extra shots of our environment. The things that today are always here but may not be next year.

I've also not worried about the quality of shots. There are some days where the only picture I get is a bad picture.

I think one of my favorite things about this project has been the days that Garrett runs to get his camera and document with me.

One more thing. I'm not going to scrapbook this project. For me, thinking about scrapping 365 picturess made this completely overwhelming. Instead, I will be uploading my pictures to Blurb and will create a coffee table book of our life in 2009.

Hope this helped those who are taking on this project or considering it. If you think its too late who said you have to start January 1st?



Jayne said...

Thanks for this post Monica. I have up until now not done the 365 for just some of the reasons you addressed. On step closer to giving it a try :) (Love that picture of you! You are so cute!)

HappyGirl said...

i just spent some time checking out your 365 -- wow! i loved the photos and the authenticity surrounding them. i started the project on july 3 -- as a means to document our tenth year as married people. i'm going to "open" the blog soon so i can order the blurb book as well. thanks for the much needed inspiration (aka -- a kick in the pants!). :)

::: Dalon ::: said...

thanks for the reminder about focusing just a little attention to my project 365! this is the 1st year I've tried it, and like you I haven't taken a photo every single day - but I have enjoyed the process and I'm documenting things I would not normally - love your blog!! (found it from the BPS members area)

shirley said...

Great post! I have skipped days here and there too. I originally thought I would scrap it all, but I am going to do exactly the same - slurp it into a blurb book. I love your little one is taking time to document things, too!