Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celebrating Family

I had a note in my inbox this morning from a friend of ours in Kentucky. She was sharing an article that she wrote which appeared in the Louisville Bar Brief about her adoption experience.

It was the first thing I read this morning and absolutely brought tears of joy to my eyes. I can't believe that this little guy is already a year old.

Isn't he adorable? Since he was adopted in this great state of mine, I was able to photograph him at just a few days old.

In the article she writes that one of the fathers in her adoption group said that adoption is the legal word for miracle. That sends chills down my spine as I type it. So beautiful.

All it takes to make a family is love and the coolest thing about love is that it knows no bounds. My heart is swelling today. I know of a few others on the same journey as this family was on a year ago and am just so happy about what's to come.

My friend is sending me a hard copy of the article and I'll be sure to share here. She is actually sending because this picture made its way to the cover of the journal. How cool is that!! Let's face it, that doesn't happen everyday!

I have to say this was one of my favorite series of pictures because of the story I was documenting. Don't you love a good story?


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Barb said...

Such amazing photos! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.