Friday, May 8, 2009

Special Days

This is what Garrett calls a day where we get to stay home for some unusual reason. It can be a doctors appointment or a teacher inservice day, it doesn't really matter to him. It is a special day.

Earlier this week we were heading to school late because we had our wonderful pest control man save us from an ant invasion in the kitchen and Garrett saw people walking in the neighboorhood.

He said "They must be having a special day. Right Mama?"

I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise so I said "Yes." I couldn't bring myself to tell him that not everyone goes to school or work everyday.

To say I struggle with leaving him everyday is fair. My heart just breaks when he asks for a special day & tells me that he wants to stay home with Mama. I want to stay home with him too.

What gives me comfort are mornings like today. We had Muffins for Mom at school and I got to see him in his element. He is happy. He has developed good relationships with his teachers & his classmates. He has a place he considers his own. It made my heart smile that Garrett happily said Good Bye and went to join his class and begin his day.

We will continue to enjoy our special days together and I will take comfort in the fact that he is a well adjusted happy child who enjoys both his independent world and the one we build together.

Everyday in this journey of motherhood is a special day for me. I am enjoying my journey more than I could ever have imagined. I thank the Lord everyday for this blessing of mine.



purpledaisy said...

awww...something i will definitely look forward to when i start a family. :)
thanks for sharing! :)

Jayne said...

What a beautiful photo of the two of you. Monica - take heart in knowing that he will remember his "speical days" as being just that SPECIAL partly because they were not every day. KWIM?

Kyla said...

So very, very precious! Wonderful photo and a wonderful memory! It's SO hard to let go . . .