Monday, May 4, 2009

The product of

National Scrapbooking Day was money spent and layouts created. While my husband hit the golf course Garrett & I hit the Scrap Cave.

He will proudly tell you that he now has two drawers in the Scrap Cave that are full of his crafting supplies. He will also tell you that the layouts you are about to see are his. My sweet child has decided to lay claim to anything & everything I create lately.

This layout is a product of one of the free classes Jessica Sprague had on Saturday. So much fun! I think I will definitely have to sign up for some classes.

This layout was a result of a Studio Calico challenge from Kelly Noel.

These two are a result of another Studio Calico Challenge from Tina Cockburn.

And lastly here is my layout for LOAD as a result of two Studio Calico challenges from Joy Madison & April Foster.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!



Anonymous said...

Love these. I did get a few pages done this weekend. Now,I am working on an albumn for Kayla's teacher gift for YE. Miss having your energy around when I scrap though!! Kayla still likes to have her space here with mine, Trevor's attention span just doesn't hold long when he is sitting still!!

Char said...

Amazing layouts. I am a huge fan of your work. I really love the cupcake one! Adorable!

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Gorgeous layouts!! Glad you enjoyed the JS class and hope you're as hooked as I am!!

HappyGirl said...

what great layouts! i love that green. cool cupcake photos too!