Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I owe

you guys a post but instead I'll share a few pictures...

Two years have passed and this little guy is still laughing the same laugh. One of the things I've been doing this last week is spending time with my Library of Memories system. Working the system has me touching my pictures. While going through my storage binders and printing my current quarter pictures I stumbled on this happy connection.

I'll be honest; I've not been inspired to scrap the last few days but after seeing this I feel a layout coming on.



Jayne said...

SUCH aborable pictures! JOY! :)

HappyGirl said...

so glad you're back in bloggie-land! :) cute photos! hey, my little guy had those same shoes! :)

Kyla said...

These are totally adorable! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

I also owe several blog posts, but I'm afraid it's just going to have to wait another week.

I'm gonna get the kids moved into the addition sometime in the next week, so blog-land will just have to wait. Priorities you know . . . ;p And THEN it's back to scrappin'!