Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Art That Happens to be Your Life

is the class that has been occupying my time the last few weeks. I love the opportunity to focus on my photography again. This is one of the Four Experts Classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

What I find very cool is that Allison Tyler Jones, our instructor, critiques our pictures. Love that!!

Tonight we are turning in a picture that illustrates what we learned about point of view. We can only submit one & I can't decide!!

I'm hoping by posting I'll process and figure out which one to submit for critique! For those interested, I'm hoping this gives you insight into why I take the pictures I do and maybe just maybe provides some inspiration for your shots. If you click on the shot it will come up bigger.

What was going on : We were walking back to the car & Garrett didn't want to put his shoes back on. Daddy picked him up & carried him with me trailing behind.

Why it tugs at my heart: These feet used to fit in the palm of my hand and they will only be this little for so long.

Point of View: This is at an angle, not a staight on shot. You can see the detail of his toes & the sand but only a hint of Mitch.

What was going on : We had parked the car and the guys ran ahead of me to the beach.

Why it tugs at my heart: They look like they are sharing a private moment. It shows how little Garrett is relative to Mitch. Shows what someone outside of my life/viewpoint sees.

Point of View: I never take wide shots. This seems very dramatic to me since its not a shot I normally take.

What was going on : The sun was setting & the water getting chilly. Garrett was testing the waters.

Why it tugs at my heart: He's just so little & he's bathed in the sunset.

Point of View: I was basically right on top of his head to see what he was seeing.

What was going on : He was entering the water.

Why it tugs at my heart: You can see his apprehension but committment to getting in . The sunset is at his back. You can see how his little chest goes in & belly comes out. A remnant of him as a baby.

Point of View: I was down low to be even with him so that he filled the frame.

What was going on: He was playing in the water & testing his boundaries with splashing Mommy.

Why it tugs at my heart: The joy on his face.

Point of View: I was in the water for this to get him straight on & tilted the camera a bit so he was level not the jettie behind him.

What was going on: We were feeding the sea gulls bread.

Why it tugs at my heart: My mother in law adores the sea gulls. This is something that is special to her & apart of her daily routine that she loves to share with Garrett.

Point of View: I got down in the sand & pointed up to try to get some drama in the shot.

I'll be back after I receive my critique to let you know which one I posted!


HappyGirl said...

what amazing shots. i understand why you're having a tough time choosing just one!

StudioB said...

All fantastic! I would pick the one of Garrett and the seagulls. Great point of view there. The one of the sun shining on him is my 2nd favorite. But they are all great.
It's always so hard to pick one. Whenever I ask my girls (ages 8 & 6) "what's your favorite...?" the usually list a minimum of three.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

My favorite is the one of Garrett's feet. That one really speaks to me. I can't wait to hear what Allison says about your final pick.

ScrappingMomof3 said...

LOVE this last one looking up at the seagulls - and the feet. Proud of you for trying to do the wide angle shots! ~april

Jayne said...

Great photos - all of them!

Jennifer said...

They're all great shots--I can see why you had a hard time picking one. I hope you submitted the seagulls--awesome point of view.