Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slice of Life 3/7

He walked in and looked beat.

"You look exhausted. Do you still want to have our date?"

Smiling sweetly he says "Of course."

Even though he played well today I can tell the wind took a toll on him and if we didn't already have plans he would be recovering on the couch.

I still want time alone with my husband so I adjust our plans to an early dinner and a trip to the bookstore. This takes me back to our pre parenthood days where we didn't have to schedule date nights and this was a routine occurrence.

While it is all too familiar there is no denying how our lives have changed. Our dinner conversation revolves around the responsibilities of our work, the personality of our son & the logistics of moving him into a different bedroom in the house to help with letting go of pull-ups at night.

Meandering through the bookstore, discovering sections & titles that are not already on a list is a real treat. But again a clear difference. One of the items in my stack is a magazine I've been anticipating. Not because there is a great article to read or gossip to catch up on or latest trends to study but because I know my son is gracing the pages.

When I find the page he is getting another book to peruse. I'm beaming when he comes back; jumping out of my skin to show him. As soon as he returns I pounce.

"How cool is this?"

He grins ear to ear and studies the magazine.

"Pretty cool. Good job babe."


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