Friday, March 6, 2009

Slice of Life 3/6

Exhausted. The good kind that comes when you know you've worked a good day.

I gave my word I would be home by 6:45 or call by 5:30 to say I'd be later. My husband is a man of his word and expects others to be the same. In the car by 6:00 to make sure I'd be on time.

The weather is simply amazing. I open the sunroof and turn up the volume. I flip through stations trying to find a song to fit my mood. I hear

"I'm gonna be here for you baby
I'll be a man of my word
Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard
I wanna sleep with you forever
And I wanna die in your arms"

My eyes fill with tears. The good kind that overwhelm you when your heart soars with love.



Lezlee said...

Thanks for the Slice of Life idea! Even sent a link to the elementary school librarian with hopes it can be directed to the most appropriate folks there. Fun idea! Hope to start implementing it myself.

Hope your baby's better! Mine was out of school for 3 days. It DOES get better/less scary and icky as they get older - mine are 6 & 5 y.o girls. Hang in there!

Love your priorities r.e work and family - sorry you had to make the choice. The Lord works in mysterious ways...


Lee said...

Those are the best of days. Tears of joy are the best kind :) Happy Saturday!